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Thursday, March 22, 2012

eerrmmm,Blabber time?yeahhh

yes, i would rather work than staying at home do nothing except building a ton of fat per day. Totally unaware and disconnect from the world outside. Finding any job vacancies, my zealous is opposing me as i'm in short of transport. Coherently, someone would be in HELL as they were trapped in home for 6 month. 

And yesss i'm definitely in need of money, so please JOB,  be good to me. i'll treat you very well in return. ( now it is the right time to miss all of your assignments in diploma's life. Life isn't any better than it was back then.). Friends, presentations, assignments, movie's day, foods(compulsory.haha) and others). 

Let's get positive thou, my life just begins..woooyeaaahh. Later, i'll be meeting new people as my life goes on. Finish my diploma doesn't mean i'm out of contact from my lovey dovey friends aite.heheeee. But seriously, for the time being i need to get  a job. 
kindly hire me.i'm a passionate worker.teeheee

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